The Cast

Chris Judge as Major Joseph Abrams

Alaina Huffman as Admiral Katherine Shepard

Nicole Parker as Boom Boom

Charlie Woodward as Jack Armstrong

Danielle Bisutti as Six

Christopher Judge Jr as Richard Walker

Susan Duerden as Krystl

Bob Bledsoe as Jup

Adam Harrington as Zen

Neil Dickson as P.A.L.

Joy Osmanski as Captain Namir

Sharon Zhang as Captain Lui

with Sammi Lappin, Desiree Goyette, Susan Ruth, Rob Janus, Kevin Flemming ,Travis clark, Jamie Fishback,


Peter Woodward as Ezra Gemini/Narrator



Sentinels created and written by Mike Disa

Sentinels: Point of No Return podcast produced by Chris Judge, Joe Goyette, and Mike Disa 

Original Score by Chris Tin and Alex Williamson

all rights reserved


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